Each year I craft a small number of signed and dated custom balsa boards from the lightest Ecuador and New Guinea balsa with Western Red Cedar and Redwood stringers. Drawing inspiration from the guitar maker’s art with hand inlayed Mother of Pearl eyes and logos to elevate them to a higher level.. Chambered for lightness, split, bent and glued using techniques similar to that of boat builders and aircraft wing construction. In a similar fashion to collector’s guitars, years of use and hard riding enhance their intrinsic value. Like a ’57 Les Paul Gibson, they become full of memories and experience. They look good on the wall but these boards are built to be ridden, I spend upwards of sixty man hours on each one, these are lasting my statements in the art of board making. I spare no effort on these boards.They’ll still be around long after I’m pushing up daisies.They’re the pinnacle of the surfboard makers art.


Switch Blade Fins


Factory / Showroom

7 Bayldon Dr, Raleigh, NSW, Australia


TEL / FAX: 02 6655 7007