We build a lot of guns ... boards that inspire confidence and give you the edge when the swell is up! The essential ingredients are maximum paddle power to get you out to the line up, super easy wave entry, blazing speed and subtle control. We build guns that get in early, putting you in control of the situation, a magic carpet under your feet. Riding much smaller than they measure, turning like a shortboard... sensitive and lively, you’ll find that they work well in any wave with a wall, and are fabulous to ride in medium as well as large surf... you can ride them far more often than you would think, unlike clunky old guns from the past! Don’t hesitate, get that essential classic board for your quiver, Gun Ho!


Switch Blade Fins


Factory / Showroom

7 Bayldon Dr, Raleigh, NSW, Australia


TEL / FAX: 02 6655 7007