The King of Longboards! The Flex Tail Carbon Flex Technology takes this board to another dimension in longboards, carving tight arcs and springing out of the turns like a Ferrari. With Carbon Fiber rails to control the overall flex pattern these boards are alive! Designed to deliver longboard paddle power and wave entry, it is well at home in classic point surf and the reef waves of Indo and Hawaii. Where traditional and modern mals struggle to deal with steep hollow waves and barrels, this board comes to life. Surfers who enjoy riding longer rail lines love this design. Typical Stealth dimensions are 9’1” long, 21” wide, 2 ¾”. Available in all your favourite tail shapes and fin set ups. Invest in Technology for the ride of your life!


Switch Blade Fins


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7 Bayldon Dr, Raleigh, NSW, Australia


TEL / FAX: 02 6655 7007